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Get reliable and professional HR Manager services at a low monthly cost.

HR Manager Service

We aim to provide small businesses access to the HR services as we understand employing a full-time HR can be hard for small business and our HR Manager service is designed to give you access to professional HR services for a low monthly cost.

We are outsourced full-service Human Resource solution for small businesses located in British Columbia.

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Hire an HR Manager

From $99/month

what’s included:

  • Dedicated HR Manager
  • HR Policy Support & Management
  • Expert HR Guidance
  • Job post template
  • HR Checklist & Templates
  • and many more

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What is included in HR Manager Service?


HR Manager service is outsource full-service Human Resource solution for Small Businesses.

Once you obtain a membership with us, your business will have its own HR department. This will eliminate potential risks of taking wrong HR decisions.

Our HR Manager Service include:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Onboarding & Offloading Checklists
  • HR Templates including HR policies, forms & documents
  • Unlimited HR support from a HR professional
  • Up-to-date HR news

Note: This is remote only service

How Does HR Manager Service Work ?



Here is the breakdown how our HR Manager Service works.

Step 1: Upon signing up our HR Manager Service, we would need to know about your business, review the current HR processes in place, if any. We'll then help you figure out what process, updates or implementations are required to put in place to setup the the foundation.

Step 2: We'll help solve the urgent matters as priority, then take further steps to ensure proper protection is in place for any potential risks.

Step 3: Provide on-going support and guidance for Your HR needs.

We will help you drafting job postings as per the job requirements.

In an event you need to execute employee termination, we would advise you the potential risks of doing so and assist you with safely execution of the termination.

Why would my business need HR Manager service?


Every business needs to put proper HR polices in place, to ensure that the proper hiring and onboarding processes are followed, making sure the employees are payed properly. Should that an issue emerges with an employee, you could deal with them in a safe and effective way.

HR issues persist in every business.

Hiring a full-time HR would be expensive if you are running a small business. We offer affordable full-service outsource HR solution. We aim to ensure your business has the HR foundation in place and provide on going support and HR guidance.

Do you provide on-site support ?


We do not provide on-site support.

HR Manager Service is fully remote.

Why should we choose PLI Canada for HR Manager Service?


We are passionate HR professionals and focused on small and medium size businesses.

We know the hardship the small businesses go through operating the business, you might be wearing multiple hats to get the job done. Choosing us will offload the HR side of things and giving a peace of mind that this is managed by HR professionals.

We have a cap on memberships which allow us to provide quality service to our members.

We offer affordable and clear pricing structure.

Note: We only offer remote service, to maintain our prices low and to provide high quality services for your buck.

Our Guarantee

All services offered to you would be made by a Certified Human Recourse Professional

Clear Pricing Structure with no contracts

Affordable remote HR solutions

1-3 employees

HR Manager

Unlimited Support via: Phone, Email & Chat

$99 / month

4-9 employees

HR Manager

Unlimited Support via: Phone, Email & Chat

$199 / month

11-20 employees

HR Manager

Unlimited Support via: Phone, Email & Chat

$299 / month

21-34 employees

HR Manager

Unlimited Support via: Phone, Email & Chat

$399 / month