Obtain PR with​ Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

PNP is a Province/territory based nomination system to become permanent resident of Canada. 

​Provincial Nominee Program

  • PNP is a program for workers who have skills, education and work experience that can contribute to the growth and economy of a specified province or territories of Canada
  • Want to live in that province
  • You may apply for PNP by two ways: non-express entry and Express entry process. The province or territory you choose to apply will determine how you will be applying for the PNP.

There are numerous PNP streams and categories available. Each province and territory have their own set of PNP categories and have different requirements for candidates to be eligible for PNP.

For example: British Columbia have various categories under BC PNP such as:

  • BC PNP Tech Occupations
  • Care economy: Health care occupations
  • Skilled immigration Streams: Skilled worker Stream, International Graduate Stream, International Post graduate Streams and many more.

Do you need help with PNP application ?

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What’s common in Provinces/Territories for PNP Process? -> You must pass a medical exam and get a police check (certificate). No matter where you plan to live in Canada.